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The best lawyer for Child Custody

Georgia Newman is an excellent attorney and in expert in family-law. She is honest, sincere, trustworthy, and very intelligent. When Ms. Newman represented me, I had the confidence there was not a better attorney anywhere in the world. -- RM

Ground Breaking LGBT Custody case

Georgia was able to get custody of my child when every Gay rights attorney turned me down. Georgia not only managed to get me custody but, secured my position in a divorce settlement when we were joined in a Civil Union in Vermont. I was granted a divorce and 50/50 Custody. I have full faith and confidence in Georgia's ability to understand and represent the law to the best of her ability. More importantly Georgia T. Newman secured my parentage and my parental rights by having my name added to my childs birth certificate. Trust in Georgia's ability as an attorney and believe in her intuition as a trusted advisor. -- Sonya

Pitbull with a heart of gold

I found Georgia through a referral since my previous council made a mess of my ongoing case. Georgia was thorough, expertly skilled and had a delicate touch. Family court is not fun. She was my advocate and knew her way around the courtroom. I have even gone back and retained her on 2 more cases because she is that dependable and transparent. She is upfront and honest. She is worth every penny and more. -- Jessica

Outstanding Attorney

As a successful lawyer, I believe I can discern whether a lawyer is outstanding,average or poor. I hired Georgia to replace an average attorney in a divorce proceeding when my then wife hired a lawyer reputed to be outstanding. Having completed the divorce in a very satisfactory manner, I am thrilled I hired Georgia, We would not have settled it but for her skills. She also was able to help keep my emotions in check. I am an aggressive lawyer so that says a lot. I highly recommend Georgia. -- Michael

The Only Person That Will Ever Regret That You Hired Georgia is Your Ex.

I am a lawyer. Georgia Newman is the finest lawyer I have ever known. When I found myself looking for a divorce lawyer I stumbled into Georgia's Office on a referral from a counselor. Georgia is both kind and tough. She understood my suffering while zealously representing my interests. At every meeting and hearing Georgia was prepared and focused on MY case. Every activity that I was billed for was necessary in my representation. The only person the regrets to this day that I hired Georgia is my Ex. -- Bill

Simply the Best!

One could not ask for a better mix of brains, beauty, good humor and hard work. Georgia knows her way around Florida, and Florida knows that she is part of the landscape. I was lucky enough to be referred by my excellent accountant Joel Levine. Im so happy I asked. -- Robert

Superb Divorce Attorney

I found Georgia Newman to be an extraordinary Lawyer. She calmly assessed my situation and with gentle strength, guided me through a painful process that would otherwise have been filled with missteps and wrought with emotional and financial calamity. I will always be grateful for her wisdom, legal knowledge and individual attention I was given during a devastating time in my life. She and her staff cushioned the blow of betrayal and shock that accompanied my divorce. Ms. Newman was referred to me by a District Legislator in New York as well as another Attorney . I am very grateful that I took their advice. -- Judith

Georgia Newman is great

Georgia is excellent. When I went through mediation with my ex wife, she was extremely well prepared and advocated perfectly for me. Of the 11 things that I wanted from mediation, she got me 10 of them. She was superior to opposing counsel. -- Rob

BEST attorney in town!!!!

I had the privilege of being blessed with Georgia Newman as my attorney. She fought for my legal rights not leaving out A DETAIL! Georgia definitely dots her i's and crosses her t's. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help in a divorce. She is fearless in the courtroom!! The only thing I missed when in the courtroom was a bag of popcorn. She is an EXCELLENT attorney! -- Anonymous

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