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No one should enter into a marriage anticipating failure, but premarital/antenuptial agreements protect both parties and their families should the marriage not work out. Contact our family and marital agreement lawyer. The advantages of having an agreement include:

  • Avoiding Litigation Costs
  • Protecting Family Assets
  • Protecting Business Assets
  • Protection Against Creditors and Debt
  • Estate planning/Predetermined Disposition of Property
  • Protecting against Fears of Family Members
  • Settling terms for alimony and/or property rights in anticipation of a separation or divorce without litigation
  • Premarital agreements are governed by Florida Statutes Section 61.079

Parties may also choose to execute a post marital/postnuptial agreement. There are times when post marital agreements may make sense to a couple. For example, if the spouses wish to ensure that certain property is separate property, they can enter into a postnuptial agreement to effectuate this desire. Postnuptial agreements can be used to address many situations such as the rights of each spouse to manage property, debt, and estate planning concerns. Post marital agreements may also be useful in settling terms for alimony and/or property rights in anticipation of a separation or divorce. Postnuptial agreements can also be drafted to protect the assets of one spouse from the debts of the other. The post marital agreement would have the same effect as though the parties had entered into a premarital agreement to keep property separate.

Contact Palm Beach Family & Marital Agreement Lawyer Georgia T. Newman

It is important that prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are executed voluntarily. Should coercion be found, the agreement may be voided and rendered unenforceable. These types of agreements can be simple or extremely complex. To be enforceable, it is safest to have an attorney experienced in drafting prenuptial and post-nuptial agreement draft them to achieve your goals. The Law Office of Georgia T. Newman has experience drafting enforceable marital agreements. Contact our experienced West Palm Beach family & marital agreement lawyer for additional information to see if an agreement is appropriate in your situation or if you have been asked to execute an agreement by your fiancé or spouse.

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