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At the Law Office of Georgia T. Newman, we pride ourselves on finding and effectuating child timesharing (custody) solutions for every unique family situation. With decades of experience handling all types of divorce and custody cases, we know a cookie cutter arrangement simply does not fit all families’ needs. Furthermore, there is often new—and sometimes revolutionary—research regarding what is best for children upon divorce. We handle every custody matter as a singular case while also paying attention to developments in family law and psychology. We are also experienced in parenting cases involving children of LGBTQ parents. Contact our timesharing lawyer today, we can help.

Parenting Plans

As you may know, in a dissolution of marriage or paternity proceeding with a minor child, Florida law requires the parents to have a “Parenting Plan”. A Parenting plan is a document created to govern the relationship between the parents relating to decisions that must be made regarding the minor child and must contain a time-sharing schedule for the parents and child. Your parenting plan should include:

  • The division of parental responsibilities in terms of decision making. The public policy of the state of Florida is that both parents have shared parental responsibility. However, by agreement or if presented with sufficient evidence, an order may be entered providing for sole or ultimate decision making by one parent over one or more issues affecting the parties’ child(ren);
  • An everyday residential schedule that shows when the child is with each parent on weekdays and weekends;
  • A holiday schedule that shows which parent the child is with for holidays;
  • A summer break schedule that shows when the child is with each parent during summer break;
  • Which parent picks up or drops off the child for timesharing, school or extra-curricular activities;
  • How the parents and children should communicate;
  • Jurisdictional issues;
  • Which parent is the designee for school boundary purposes; and
  • And many other child related matters.

Important factors to consider as you make your parenting plan include:

  • Florida courts encourage parents to work together to make a schedule which is in the child’s best interest.
  • Your timesharing schedule should give your child frequent and continuing contact with both parents if appropriate in your situation (i.e. if there is no domestic violence affecting the child).
  • Your child’s age may affect how long and how frequent visits are with each parent.
  • Usually all the children in a family stay together for timesharing.
  • If parents are not able to agree on a parenting plan or timesharing schedule, the court will establish one based upon evidence presented in court.

The Law Office of Georgia T. Newman will counsel you to approach parenting issues carefully. If you and your child’s other parent disagree in the future, the court will order you to follow the plan as written. Parenting plans may only be modified by the agreement of both parents or with court approval, which is often difficult, and time-consuming. Rather, we will take the time now to explore all the possibilities and design the best parenting plan schedule for you and your children, minimizing the possibility of having to return to court for a potentially expensive, risky modification.

High-conflict Child Custody Cases

High-conflict custody cases occur most frequently when one or both parents are unwilling or unable to compromise. Obviously, we do not have control over how your child’s other parent will decide to approach parenting and timesharing issues. However, we can promise that we will do our absolute best to assist you to advance the best interest of your child, prevail in your case and try to curb the escalation of emotions as much as possible.

Child custody, parenting and timesharing issues can be traumatic, as the prospect of losing contact with your children is frightening. We understand this. Attorney Georgia T. Newman has litigated many complex custody cases and is prepared to represent you and safeguard your and your children’s interests.

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If you have further questions about child parenting, custody and timesharing, and you would like to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact the Law Office of Georgia T. Newman today. We look forward to meeting you and genuinely helping you with any parenting, child custody or timesharing issues you may have.

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